Bioscience Program

2016 - 2017 Academic Year

The Bioscience Program provides introduction to living systems with courses in cell and molecular biology and biophysics. The program is comprised of two tracks of self-contained courses consisting of lectures, seminars and laboratory classes. Each course provides an in-depth review of the subject and examples of current research in the field.  

The program comprises two tracks: Cell and Molecular Biology and Biomolecular Engineering.


Antonio Adamo Wolfgang Fischle Pierre Magistretti​
Susana Agusti
Takashi Gojobori
Magdy Mahfouz​
Salim Al Babili
Satoshi Habuchi
Jasmeen Merzaban
Manuel Aranda Samir Hamdan
Valerio Orlando​
Stefan Arold
Charlotte Hauser
Arnab Pain​
Vladimir Bajic Heribert Hirt
Klaus-Viktor Peinemann
Moussa Benhamed Sahika Inal Timothy Ravasi​
Michael Berumen Niveen Khashab Magnus Rueping
Daniele Daffonchio Jürgen Kosel​ Jesper Tegner
Enzo Di Fabrizio TorOve Leiknes Mark Tester
Jörg Eppinger Mo Li
Christian Voolstra
Andrea Falqui Carlo Liberale

For more information, please download the program guide here