Environmental Science and Engineering Program

2016 - 2017 Academic Year

The Environmental Science and Engineering Program (EnSE) prepares students to work on many of the world’s most pressing challenges. There is a worldwide concern with the availability of clean water; EnSE examines methods to purify and reuse water, as well as to reduce contamination of existing reserves. The focus of the program is on examining the impact of humans on our environment through resource exploitation; including over-consumption, land degradation, and pollution of water. The results of these efforts may offer solutions to water scarcity, soil contamination.

This program comprises four tracks: Water Quality, Chemistry, and Treatment; Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology; Environmental Hydrology and Fluid Mechanics; and Materials for Environmental Science and Engineering.

Students entering the program enroll in a set of core courses and then take specialty courses in one of the three major tracks. The remaining courses are technical electives. The three tracks together cover the most important areas in Environmental Science and Engineering, and the core-plus specialty courses and electives will equip a student for a successful and productive career in these fields.


Susana Agusti Kim Choon NG
Daniele Daffonchio Suzana Nunes
Takashi Gojobori Pascal Saikaly
Peiying Hong
Juan Carlos Santamarina
TorOve Leiknes
Johannes Vrouwenvelder
Matthew McCabe
Peng Wang
Himanshu Mishra

For more information, please download the program guide here