Matthew McCabe

  Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering ​

  Office Location: Al Jazri (Building 4) · Level 4 · Room 4277​
  Faculty lab website:

Research Keywords
Water resources; Hydrology; Remote sensing; Climate change; Agriculture; Earth system modeling

Research Interests
Prof. McCabe's research interests encompass the modeling and observation of the Earth system, with a focus on the hydrological cycle and its linked processes and interactions. The research undertaken in his group combines models and observations to answer questions on the distribution, variability and exchanges of water at local, regional and global scales. Satellite-based remote sensing approaches and in-situ monitoring techniques are used to observe the terrestrial system, while a range of modeling and statistical approaches are used to understand and predict hydrological behavior. 

The Earth System Observation and Modeling group is active in field measurement and modeling of hydrological processes, the development of remote sensing products for Earth system variables and the application of techniques to merge observations and modeling frameworks. We are particularly interested in issues related to water security, climate change impacts, agricultural water use, water resources monitoring and modeling and the novel use of technologies for enhanced Earth system observation.

Members of the Lab
The Earth System Observation and Modeling group comprises a number of Research Scientists, Post-doctoral researchers, PhD and Masters students as well as visiting internship student. For a list of current and past members, please see here

Selected Publications
Ajami H, McCabe MF, Evans JP and Stisen S (2014) "Assessing the impact of model spin-up on surface water-groundwater interactions using an integrated hydrologic model", Water Resources Research, 50(3), 2636-2656

Ershadi A, McCabe MF, Evans JP, Chaney NW and Wood EF (2014) “Multi-site evaluation of terrestrial evaporation models using FLUXNET data”, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 187, 46-61

Meng XH, Evans JP and McCabe MF (2014) "The impact of observed vegetation changes on land-atmopshere feedbacks during drought", Journal of Hydrometeorology, 15, 759–776.

Evans JP and McCabe MF (2013) “Effect of model resolution on a regional climate model simulation over southeast Australia” Climate Research, 56, 131-145

Liu YY, Evans JP, McCabe MP, de Jeu RAM, van Dijk AIJM, Dolman AJ and Saizen I (2013) “Changing climate and overgrazing are decimating Mongolian Steppes”, PloS One 8(2), e57599

For a full listing of research publications, refer to Prof. McCabe's Google Scholar page​.