Satoshi Habuchi

  Associate Professor, Bioscience ​

  Office Location: Ibn Al Haytham (Building 2) · Level 4 · Room 4277​

Research Keywords
Single-molecule fluorescence microscopy; Advanced imaging; Polymer dynamics; Cell adhesion; Protein structural dynamics; Light-emitting materials

Research Interests
Dr. Habuchi’s research focuses on molecular imaging using advanced single-molecule fluorescence imaging and microscopy techniques in order to understand static and dynamic disorders of complex systems in life and materials science at the molecular level. His research interests include cell adhesion, topological polymer dynamics, structural dynamics of proteins, development of super-resolution fluorescence imaging methods, photophysics and applications of light-emitting conjugated polymers, and fluorescent proteins.

Main Techniques
Single-molecule fluorescence imaging, Super-resolution microscopy, Time-resolved single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, Single-molecule FRET, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

Members of the Lab

Dr Maged Serag: Postdoctoral researcher focusing on developing new single-molecule fluorescence imaging techniques for visualizing diffusive and conformational dynamics of DNA simultaneously. He also works on visualization of histone-ssDNA interactions using single-molecule imaging and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy techniques. Dr. Serag obtained his PhD from Nagoya University (Japan).

Dr. Hubert Piwonski: Postdoctoral researcher focusing on the development of ultrasmall near-infrared emitting conjugated polymer nanoparticles for potential bioimaging applications by means of single-molecule fluorescence microscopy techniques as well as electron microscopy and NMR spectroscopy

Karmen Abu-Zineh: Third year PhD student focusing on unraveling nanoscale architectures of membrane proteins and their ligands involved in cell adhesion at the single molecule level by means of super-resolution fluorescence imaging techniques.

Bader Al Alwan: Second year PhD student focusing on developing new imaging technique which enables visualizing binding kinetics of membrane proteins and their ligands at the single-molecule level during cell adhesion by combining single-molecule FRET and super-resolution imaging.

Maram Abadi: Second year PhD student focusing on uncovering complicated topological effects on the conformation and dynamics of DNA in crowded environments at the molecular level by means of single-molecule imaging techniques as well as super-resolution microscopy.

Paul Harris: First year PhD student focusing on structural dynamics of proteins involved in DNA replication and repair by combining microfluidics and single-molecule microscopy techniques including single-molecule FRET and correlation spectroscopy.

Aimaiti Aikeremu: Research Technician working on single-molecule imaging experiments with other members of the lab. He is engaged especially on visualization of histone-ssDNA interactions.

Selected Publications

Serag MF, Abadi M, Habuchi S. Single-molecule diffusion and conformational dynamics by spatial integration of temporal fluctuations. Nature Communications. 2014, 5:5123.​

Loveland AB, Habuchi S, Walter JC, van Oijen AM. A general approach to break the concentration barrier in single-molecule imaging. Nature Methods. 2012, 9: 987-992.

Habuchi S, Satoh N, Yamamoto T, Tezuka Y, and Vacha M. Multimode diffusion of ring polymer molecules revealed by a single-molecule study. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2010, 49: 1418-1421.

Habuchi S, Onda S, and Vacha M. Mapping emitting sites within a single conjugated polymer molecule. Chemical Communications. 2009: 4868-4870.

Habuchi S, Ando R, Dedecker P, Verheijen W, Mizuno H, Miyawaki A, and Hofkens J. Reversible single-molecule photoswitching in the GFP-like fluorescent protein Dronpa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of United States of America. 2005, 102: 9511-9516.

Habuchi S, Cotlet M, Gronheid R, Dirix G, Michiels J, Vanderleyden J, De Schryver FC, Hofkens J. Single-molecule surface enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy of the enhanced green fluorescent protein. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2003, 125: 8446-8447.