Biobank of stem cells helps understand genetic abnormalities

26 January, 2021

​The largest cohort of stem cell lines derived from patients with Klinefelter syndrome has been developed by KAUST researchers. These powerful cellular tools could be used to develop regenerative medicine therapeutic approaches and study a wide variety of diseases associated with chromosomal abnormalities, such as metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes, both of which are increasing in Saudi Arabia.

“We’ve created the first inducible pluripotent stem cell lines,” says Ph.D. student Maryam Alowaysi. “These have great potential because they can be differentiated into all known possible cells in the body. This means we can study the onset of disease and the genes associated with it.”

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Image: Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic condition that causes males to be born with an extra copy of the X chromosome.
© Zuzana Egertova / Alamy Stock Photo