Pierre MagistrettiDean BESE Division
and Distinguished Professor


Research in BESE is focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms through which organisms sense, adapt and respond to the environment and to the development of innovative technologies that provide support to this mission.

At the more applied level, research projects in the Division center on how to intervene on the environment to respond to the increasing needs of food and water availability, how human activity affects environmental systems at an integrated level and how such interventions, in turn, affect living organisms.

BESE boasts state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including some of the most advanced equipment in the world for genomics, proteomics, imaging/characterization, nanofabrication, and capability to explore global marine environments.

Research at the BESE Division brings students, faculty, and researchers together to push the frontiers of science through collaborative inquiry into issues of global and regional significance. 

In order to accomplish its mission and establish a knowledge and advanced technology platform, research in the BESE Division is developed around seven research fields. These research fields are communities of faculty that work in related areas and are divided further into more specialized topics of research. 

For more information about each research field and their topics of research please click on the links below: 

The BESE Division has two affiliated Research Centers: the Red Sea Research Center and the Water Desalination and Reuse Center. For more information about them visit their websites. KAUST Research Centers invest in major projects and provide thematic focus and critical mass to pursue goal-oriented research that addresses significant challenges for the Kingdom and the world.  

The BESE division has also engaged in three research initiatives: BioNEST from bench to innovation (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Stem Cell biology), Environmental Epigenetics program and Desert Agriculture initiative. For more information about them visit their websites.

Education is provided through four programs: 1) Bioscience, 2) Marine Sciences, 3) Environmental Sciences and 4) Plant Sciences. For more information visit the programs’ websites.

KAUST is a place where adventurous and imaginative individuals engage in a journey of intellectual and cultural discovery. Our current faculty and student body represents over 80 nations, and we will continue to focus on recruiting the best minds to join the Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering Division.

I invite you to explore our website, and if you are interested in joining us, either as a student or faculty/staff member, please visit the respective sites for further information.

Pierre Magistretti, MD, PhD
Distinguished Professor and Dean


Mary Ann CulalaBusiness Analyst Building 2 · Room 4231 · CU03
Heidi DevaniExecutive Secretary to the Dean Building 2 · Office 4233
Dillon FritzAssistant Dean Building 2 · Office 4129
Ameen GhawanmehGraduate Program Coordinator Building 9 · Office 3341
Walaa HawbaniAdministrative Assistant Building 2 · Room 4231 · WS20
Jun HanSenior Business Manager Building 2 · Office 4128
Rizwana InayatResearch Projects Coordinator Building 2 · Room 4231 · WS19
Burgundy PowellGPC and Recruitment and Evaluation Specialist Building 9 · Office 3339
Tijan SaadehEvents Coordinator Building 2 · Room 4231 · CU04
Meaad SamanderAdministrative Assistant Building 2 · Room 4231 · WS13
Karina ThistleProjects Coordinator Building 2 · Room 4231 · WS16
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Jumanah E. KhayatBusiness Analyst Building 2 · Room 4231 · CU01
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Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering Division
Ibn Al-Haytham (Building 2) · Level 4
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
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