06 February, 2024

Sediments reveal core stressors on Red Sea ecosystems

Analyses of sediment cores highlight declining nutrient availability and increased trace metal pollution in the Red Sea.

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01 February, 2024

KAUST Innovators Shine in BCG V60 Awards for Climate Leadership

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31 January, 2024

Greening initiatives that hit home

Researchers propose a pathway to create sustainable greening initiatives in the Middle East using existing technologies.

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28 January, 2024

KAUST deploys space technology for marine conservation

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23 January, 2024

AI for cells helps illuminate their identity

Inspired by large language models that power ChatGPT, an AI algorithm offers a new way to annotate cells.

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22 January, 2024

MEWA Minister Sponsors Strategic Partnership on Phase II of Algae & Aquaculture Project

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17 January, 2024

KAUST releases largest catalog of ocean DNA

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16 January, 2024

Automated COVID-19 diagnosis, with wider potential

An open-source, automated and cost-effective platform for COVID-19 diagnosis and analysis of genetic variants can be built from readily available materials, with big possibilities on the horizon.

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10 January, 2024

Professor Pascal Saikaly named International Honorary Member by AAEES

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08 January, 2024

From roots to shoots: decoding strigolactones in plant architecture and symbiosis

Better understanding of the roles of plant hormones could help to engineer advantageous traits into rice and other crops.

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04 January, 2024

Probiotics offer protection for wildlife

An emerging conservation strategy could help wildlife to become more resilient against a range of environmental threats.

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13 December, 2023

The sweet smell of successful wastewater treatment

The use of engineered algae to deliver clean water and valuable co-products from treated wastewater opens new opportunities for water treatment.

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04 December, 2023

The weird and wonderful world of Saudi Arabia’s microbiomes

Saudi Arabia is home to microbial communities that can boost coral reef health, sequester carbon in the desert and enable plants to survive in the harshest environments — and that is just the beginning.

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20 November, 2023

KAUST study reveals how corals control their algae population, paving the way for coral reef restoration

A new study by KAUST researchers provides experimental proof to explain how corals and other symbiotic cnidarians control their symbiotic algae.

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19 November, 2023

KAUST Professor Raquel Peixoto wins inaugural Rachel Carson Prize 2023 for Applied Microbiology

KAUST Professor Raquel Peixoto wins inaugural Rachel Carson Prize 2023 for Applied Microbiology

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12 November, 2023

KAUST Smart Health Initiative holds conference to accelerate impact in KSA through health and wellness

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02 November, 2023

KAUST and SFDA host conference on One Health

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26 October, 2023

Ammon's Horn, or The Mystery of the Brain"

KAUST’s Vice President of Research, Pierre Magistretti, alongside his wife, Christine, tells a Da Vinci Code-esque tale of 5 scientists competing for $100M and establishing a new institute dedicated to eradicating Alzheimer’s disease in his book "Ammon's Horn, or The Mystery of the Brain"

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25 October, 2023

Malaria protein discovery offers path for novel antimalarial intervention strategies

Uncovering PfAP2-P’s role in parasite's immune evasion and development, opening doors to innovative anti-malaria approaches.

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23 October, 2023

A handful of seeds starts fruitful collaboration

An encouraging culture of collaboration between two research leaders has fostered exciting work that has resulted in a breakthrough in understanding the mechanism of cereal disease resistance.

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