06 September, 2023

Homing in on stem cells, support and success

She came for the stem cell science and thrived in a nurturing environment.

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05 September, 2023

Fungal enzymes may enhance provitamin A content and stability in crop plants

A simple enzymatic pathway taken from fungi can enhance the production and storage of provitamin A in crop plants.

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28 August, 2023

Sourcing a sustainable new vegetable oil

A long-term breeding program is developing elite lines of Salicornia to produce a sustainable and nutritionally valuable seed oil crop.

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24 August, 2023

New gene-editing technique offers path to precision therapies

PNP editing emerges as a versatile and programmable tool for site-specific DNA manipulations.

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22 August, 2023

Mobile wastewater treatment plant offers solution for remote communities

A decentralized technology designed to treat wastewater at the source offers huge benefits to people in remote areas who lack access to sewer infrastructure.

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20 August, 2023

Rethinking and rigor brings promising protein for cancer therapy

Drugs that inhibit a key protein should offer new targeted cancer therapy for leukemia and breast cancer.

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17 August, 2023

Algal biotechnologists at KAUST are generating sustainable animal feeds in Saudi Arabia

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09 August, 2023

Where I work: Razan Yahya

Tiny microalgae offer big potential for a fruitful career

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03 August, 2023

An ancient grain unlocks genetic secrets for making bread wheat more resilient

A first complete genome map of einkorn reveals evolutionary origins and potential for enhanced wheat breeding.

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20 July, 2023

Desert microbes turn on drought tolerance when needed

Priming crop plants with a microbe sourced from the roots of desert plants could be a powerful tool to boost crop plant's resilience to drought.

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18 July, 2023

Clear signals: how intricate brain connections underpin sensory perception

Leena Ali Ibrahim’s research is revealing intricate brain connections between the senses that could have implications for finding treatments for autism and schizophrenia.

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09 July, 2023

Peiying Hong Named Finalist for the 2023 Letten Prize

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09 July, 2023

Dancing proteins and a cure for cancer

Applying a different lens to previously overlooked genes may offer new options for targeted cancer therapy.

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06 July, 2023

Modifying algae to make rare antioxidants in extreme environments

Modified algae produce rare orange-red antioxidants that can be used to make healthy food, clothing dyes and medicines

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19 June, 2023

Leukemia spread fueled by messenger particles

Tiny packets of molecular cargo shed by cancer cells seed the foundations for metastasis at distant sites in the body.

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18 June, 2023

Following stress could help plants in drought

Pioneering research to explain plants’ response to abiotic stress has important potential for improving future plant performance.

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14 June, 2023

Ocean current comes to the rescue for Pacific island reefs

Surprising changes to a Pacific Ocean current during one of the strongest recorded El Niños saved a remote island’s coral reefs while others were devastated by mass bleaching.

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11 June, 2023

Casting a wide net to see the real cost of water

Yoshihide Wada uses a systems approach to address global problems and contribute to national climate adaptation plans.

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08 June, 2023

Celebrate World Ocean Day with the ‘Inside the Red Sea Mission’ documentary featuring KAUST researchers

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05 June, 2023

Striking gold with black, brown and red rice

Fundamental research offers opportunities for new varieties of pigmented rice and a resource to address malnutrition.

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