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03 December, 2020

Red Sea turtle hatchlings are feeling the heat

The balance of the sexes in marine turtle hatchlings may be disrupted by high sand temperatures at nesting sites around the Red Sea.

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29 November, 2020

Robot probes the Red Sea's carbon storage system

Little of the organic carbon in the Red Sea could be reaching the depths necessary for long-term storage.

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16 November, 2020

Peel-off coating keeps desalination cleaner and greener

A polyelectrolyte coating enables clean seawater desalination systems without harmful chemicals.

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03 November, 2020

For quick COVID-19 testing, iSCAN can

A new test kit could enable quick and effective COVID-19 tests for people arriving at airports.

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28 October, 2020

Probing water for an electrifying cause

An experiment, elegant in its simplicity, helps explain why water becomes electrified when it touches hydrophobic surfaces.

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27 October, 2020

Cauliflower coral genome sequenced

A newly sequenced coral genome offers tools to understand environmental adaptation.

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21 October, 2020

Enzyme biofactories to enhance cord blood transplants

Stem cell trafficking to the bone marrow is improved by enzyme manufactured in silkworms and yeast.

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18 October, 2020

Sludge-powered bacteria generate more electricity, faster

A new electroactive bacterium could help fuel wastewater treatment reactors.

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14 October, 2020

Triggerfish learns to catch more diverse food

In probably the first observation of its kind, a tricky triggerfish is seen beaching itself before attacking a crab walking along the shoreline.

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12 October, 2020

Old methods prove true for studying proteins

A decades-old technique for probing protein motions proves more accurate than current practices.

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05 October, 2020

Lighting the path to recycling carbon dioxide

Combining solar-harvesting materials with carbon-dioxide–consuming microbes could be an efficient way to generate clean fuels.

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04 October, 2020

Microscope lens inspired by lighthouse

Custom-fabricated lenses make it easy to attach high-tech microscopes directly to cell incubators.

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29 September, 2020

Genetic gains for better grains

A nutritious millet crop grown mainly in West Africa could be genetically improved for large-scale agriculture in Saudi Arabia.

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28 September, 2020

Copycat plant booster improves on nature

A molecular mimic designed to promote plant growth and limit witchweed infestation shows promise in initial trials.

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15 September, 2020

Better communication helps translate molecular tools

Multistakeholder collaboration is key for the adoption of molecular approaches that can facilitate accurate, cheaper and faster monitoring of marine ecosystems.

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09 September, 2020

Finding a handle to bag the right proteins

A method that lights up tags attached to selected proteins can help to purify the proteins from a mixed protein pool.

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26 August, 2020

Barcoding long DNA quantifies CRISPR effects

A sequencing approach can home in on a rare mutation within a large number of cells, revealing implications for CRISPR genome editing and early cancer detection.

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21 August, 2020

A light touch for membrane selectivity

Light-responsive building blocks provide organic membranes with light-controlled permeability and selectivity.

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18 August, 2020

Measuring how corals accumulate pollutants

A safer technique reveals that corals take up seawater pollutants both directly and indirectly.

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16 August, 2020

Desert greenhouses offer growth opportunities

Efficient greenhouse complexes that will grow crops using the resources available on desert coasts could improve food security for millions.

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