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04 December, 2022

Professor Sahika Inal has been selected as the winner of the Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship 2022.

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04 December, 2022

A master regulator of plant immunity

Stress-response protein promotes the accumulation of metabolites that help anti-pathogen defenses.

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01 December, 2022

NEW BOOK: Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration in the Omics Age

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27 November, 2022

Bioreactor keeps cell culture conditions under control

Laboratory parameters maintained at physiologically relevant levels allow for more robust experiments with human cells.

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21 November, 2022

Cryptic drug-binding sites discovered in the dance

Studying the molecular motion of proteins reveals previously unseen binding sites that could be targeted by new drug candidate molecules.

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17 November, 2022

Biomedical Engineering student Elisa Grassi wins gold medal in the Saudi Games Triathlon

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02 November, 2022

Plant hormones to help prevent Striga invasion

Crop resistance to a significant parasitic plant could be increased through gene editing or chemical treatment.

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18 October, 2022

Bacterial quorum quenched by bacterial enzyme

An enzyme from a Red Sea bacterium suppresses the formation of a slimy biofilm that helps propagate hospital-acquired infections.

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16 October, 2022

Zinc enhances albumin’s protective role against Parkinson's disease

Revealing zinc’s interaction with a critical transport protein underscores the need to study biological pathways under physiologically relevant conditions.

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