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09 May, 2022

Genetic options ensure rust resistance is toast

Researchers have identified stem rust resistance in the wild cereal plant Aegilops sharonensis and successfully transferred the resistance gene into bread wheat.

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24 April, 2022

Wax coating helps waning water resources

A sand-based mulch could help reduce irrigation on desert farms.

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29 March, 2022

Studying the genes behind surplus X chromosomes

Stem cell analyses could reveal how extra doses of some genes lead to the characteristics seen in males born with one or more surplus X chromosomes.

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27 March, 2022

Disease severity linked to N protein of SARS-CoV-2

Insight into the function of the nucleocapsid protein could help develop drugs that reduce coronavirus impact.

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17 March, 2022

Drones shed light on coastal water flows

Unmanned aerial vehicles show promise for monitoring coastal water flows over large areas.

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14 March, 2022

Understanding rust resistance in bread wheat

Sequencing a high-quality bread wheat genome facilitates the identification of a gene that confers stripe rust resistance and may lead to improved crop resilience.

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07 March, 2022

Tweaking carotenoids proves fruitful

A novel plant-breeding strategy is targeting crop yield, nutritional value and stress tolerance, all through the expression of one gene.

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03 March, 2022

Coproducing water and electricity powers crop growth

A solar-driven system to generate electricity and produce water for crops in arid areas may help a decentralized approach to food, water and energy security.

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15 February, 2022

What we knew about water was right after all

Hydrogen peroxide only forms in the presence of ozone in water microdroplets.

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