Cell cultures not as stable as you'd think

08 February, 2022

Culture environments of different cell types growing in culture vessels or Petri dishes vary significantly from each other and from conditions in the living body, potentially driving the “reproducibility crisis” in biomedical research, according to a team of KAUST bioscientists. This conclusion follows constant monitoring of three different cell types, including human pluripotent stem cells, over three days. This and further research could lead to improved standards and protocols for cell culture experiments in the laboratory.

The inability to monitor and control cell culture conditions has made it very difficult for researchers to reproduce experiments, which is crucial for confirming the significance and accuracy of scientific findings.

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Image: (From left to right) Samhan M. Alsolami, Shannon G. Klein, Professor Mo Li and Professor Carlos Duarte (not pictured) aim to develop recommendations on how to improve culture conditions for different cell types.
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