All-in-one test for COVID-19 surveillance

20 April, 2021

A new type of COVID-19 testing strategy could help streamline the process of identifying cases, tracking variants and detecting co-infecting viruses.

At present, separate assays and complex workflows are involved in each of these three diagnostic procedures, with analyses typically performed in highly specialized facilities. KAUST researchers have now combined all three kinds of tests into a single procedure that should allow for point-of-care tracking of COVID-19 and the many emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2.

“Our all-in-one test provides a promising integrated solution for rapid field-deployable detection and mutational surveillance of pandemic viruses,” says stem cell biologist Mo Li, who led the study.

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Image: The new method combines three kinds of COVID-19 test into a single procedure that allows for simultaneous diagnosis, tracking of emerging variants and detection of co-infections of COVID-19.
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