Getting cell culture research right

13 August, 2021

There is an urgent need for reporting of biomedical research on mammalian cells to be more standardized and detailed and for greater control and measurement of the environmental conditions of cell cultures. This will make the modeling of human physiology more precise and contribute to the reproducibility of the research.

A team of KAUST scientists and colleagues in Saudi Arabia and the U.S. analyzed 810 randomly selected papers on mammalian cell lines. Fewer than 700 of those, involving 1,749 individual cell culture experiments, included relevant data on the environmental conditions of the media in which the cells were cultured. The team’s analysis suggests that much more needs to be done to improve the relevance and reproducibility of this type of research.

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Image: The study reveals the urgent need to report, measure and control the environmental conditions of the media in which cells are cultured, which should improve how well scientists can repeat and reproduce experimental results.
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