Tiny Living Beings podcast S01 E08- Chlamydomonas and genetic engineering of algae - with Kyle Lauersen

16 January, 2023

What can we get algae to do for us (other than be beautiful and produce half of our oxygen)? How can we engineer different algae to create products and services we need? And what do algae SMELL like? Which smell like feet and which smell like "milky grass"? Dr. Kyle Lauersen is on this week's episode answering these questions and more! He explains all about his research on algal biotechnology and how we can engineer these tiny green cells to produce chemical products that are useful to us and clean up industrial and other aquatic waste. From aquaculture feeds, to perfumes, to ice creams without freezer burn, the little machines that are algal cells can do some amazing things! (We also take some time to discuss the Cyanidiophyceae red algae which are near and dear to my heart.)

Dr. Kyle Lauersen, PhD is an assistant professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). There he runs a lab that focuses on synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of various types of algae. You can follow his work on his lab's website, GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, and on Twitter: @KyleLauersen.

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