Celebrate World Ocean Day with the ‘Inside the Red Sea Mission’ documentary featuring KAUST researchers

08 June, 2023

Last summer, VICE Media Group embarked on a remarkable Red Sea research expedition to film a captivating documentary. The documentary follows the cutting-edge OceanXplorer vessel, where top scientists from around the world are uniting to address the climate crisis.

On the expedition, some of the brightest minds came together, including experts from KAUST, NEOM, MEWA and KFUPM, alongside a team of esteemed National Geographic explorers.

Now’s your chance to watch the documentary to celebrate World Ocean Day!

Documentary Synopsys

Using the cutting-edge exploration and research vessel, the OceanXplorer as a base, top marine scientists from around the world converge upon the Red Sea, searching for clues to address the escalating climate crisis. Employing subs, divers, and remotely operated vehicles, researchers visit depths approaching 10,000 feet to extract secrets from one of the most unspoiled marine ecosystems on Earth.

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