Homing in on stem cells, support and success

06 September, 2023

Asma Al-Amoodi always knew she wanted to become a scientist and work in a laboratory, but only when she came upon the work of Jasmeen Merzaban at KAUST did the idea begin to crystalize into a tangible goal.

“I heard about KAUST while studying at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah for my bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology,” Al-Amoodi recalls. “Looking through the KAUST website, Jasmeen’s research really grabbed my attention. I wanted to be a part of her team from my first day at KAUST.”

Merzaban studies regenerative cells called stem cells, focusing on how they home to specific sites in the body to promote healing. “I wanted to work on stem cells because they hold great therapeutic promise for many disorders,” Al-Amoodi says.

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