KAUST celebrates 5000 days of education and research

05 October, 2023

From its conception, KAUST was an ambitious project. No other university in Saudi Arabia has aspired to raise Saudi Arabia’s research and education in science and technology to such a level. Throughout, the University has staffed some of the best scientists in their fields, and it is constantly churning out students who are pushing the frontiers of science in academics and industry.

Visiting researchers from all over the world aim to collaborate with us. And when visiting the campus, they will, without fail, marvel at the wealth of equipment and facilities the University provides. Yet the buildings that dot the shores of the Red Sea today were mostly desert and imagination on September 5, 2009. Current staff who have been with the University since its founding admit that on that day, optimism was high, but doubt followed.

However, this May, as KAUST celebrated its 5000th day since the University opened the door to its first class, those same staff see an institute where optimism remains high but doubt has been replaced by accomplishment.

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