KAUST Innovators Shine in BCG V60 Awards for Climate Leadership

01 February, 2024

In an impressive showcase of talent and dedication to sustainability, 11 individuals from KAUST have been recognized in the 2024 BCG V60 Awards, celebrating visionary women leading climate and sustainability efforts in the Middle East.

Associate Professor and Co-Founder of RedSea, Derya Baran, was honored with the V60 Innovation Award, while Majd Mashaarawi, Founder of SunBox and a member of the KAUST Research & Technology Park, received the V60 Impact Award.

BESE-affiliated nominees, each making strides in their respective fields, include:

  • Alejandra Ortega: Bioscience, Alumna (Ph.D. ’19, M.S. ‘16) & Principal Ecologist, AESG
  • Ameerah Bokhari: Bioscience, Alumna (Ph.D. ’18, M.S. ‘11) & Senior Scientist at Aramco
  • Lila Aldakheel: Bioscience, M.S. ’19, Ph.D. Student
  • Nathalia Delgadillo: Marine Science, M.S. ’20, PhD Student

Other nominees from KAUST include:

  • Asrar Damdam:  Electrical and Computer Engineering, Alumna (Ph.D. ’23, M.S. ‘18) & Founder of Uvera
  • Dalal Alezi: Chemistry, Alumna (Ph.D. ’17) & Assistant Professor at King Abdulaziz University
  • Farah Souayfane: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Postdoc
  • Maha Aljuhani: Chemistry, Alumna (Ph.D. ’19, M.S. ‘16) & Chemist at SWCC
  • Nazek El-Atab: Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The V60 Awards not only celebrate the individual accomplishments of these distinguished women but also highlight the collective efforts necessary to tackle the global challenge of climate change. Their stories are a source of inspiration, urging others to contribute toward a more sustainable and equitable future.