BESE Student Forum


The BESE Student Forum exists with the aim of involving students in decisions directly related to improving the BESE programs which will include improving students' experience within the division.  The Forum is to reflect students’ voice and participate proactively in solving students’ issues.

Core Objectives

The core objectives of the BESE Student Forum are to:

  1. Reflect Students’ voice at the administrative level.
  2. Participate in making changes that improve students’ academic experience.
  3. Promote quality of teaching and research within the BESE division.
  4. Nurture a culturally diverse and dynamically active academic environment within the BESE division.
  5. Advocate for fair student benefits within the BESE division.


Questions and comments can be sent to:

Saule Mussurova

Student Forum President

Inas Zein

Student Forum Member

Amin Bantan

Student Forum Vice President

Laura Beenham

Student Forum Secretary

Ahmad Abu Ghoash

Student Forum Member

Wejdan Alosaimi

Student Forum External Relations Officer