Bio-NEST is an initiative nested within the BESE division and interacting with several other stakeholders, in particular, clinical research centers in the Kingdom and abroad that aims at studying biological processes that are relevant for human health. Several research groups within the Division contribute to the thrust of bringing basic research from bench to innovation, particularly in fields such as  Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Stem Cell Biology, all supported by cutting-edge Technologies.   

It is one of the strategic views of the Division to foster a strong interaction between research developed in the Research Centers and more basic research conducted by groups that are not affiliated with a Center. Such basic research projects are focused on a few specific topics within the overarching theme of the division.

The basic research topics that represent the focus of the Bio-NEST initiative are epigeneticsbiotechnologystem cell/regeneration biology, and neuroscience with the support of innovative biotechnology approaches and an attention for cell and organismal metabolism