17 September, 2017

The sky’s the limit for Earth observation

Emerging technologies are poised to transform how we observe the Earth.

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01 September, 2017

Can coral reefs change with the times?

Coral ecosystems may be able to adapt rapidly to climate change through natural plastic responses.

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27 August, 2017

Helping corals to cope with pressure

When faced with high salinity, the tiny plant cells within coral tissue alter their metabolites to better cope with stress.

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13 August, 2017

Vapor harvesting gets the edge

Surface wettability has little effect on atmospheric water gathering, but edge structure is crucial.

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06 August, 2017

Herbal medicine shows potential to treat cancer

Herbal remedy plants native to Saudi Arabia are shown to have potential as treatments for cancer.

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16 July, 2017

ESM Lab kicks off collaboration with the Shaybah Producing Department in Saudi Aramco

Extreme Systems Microbiology Lab and the Shaybah Producing Department initiate a pioneering ecological research project at Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary.

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02 July, 2017

Marine reserves offer protection

Protection zones for coasts and oceans are an effective way to help marine and human communities to adapt to climate change.

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11 June, 2017

Short regulatory gene spotted

Two proteins produced by a single gene interact to keep the genome in check.

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11 June, 2017

A changing climate affects plankton populations

Data from a global oceanographic expedition predict how rising temperatures influence increase in plankton populations.

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07 June, 2017

The hidden order in DNA diffusion

The movement of DNA molecules seemingly explained by random motion conceals a more orderly march.

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04 June, 2017

Fixing the role of nitrogen in coral bleaching

A unique investigation highlights how excess nitrogen can trigger coral bleaching in the absence of heat stress.

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30 April, 2017

Potential for Saudi Arabian coral reefs to shine

Careful marine management and stricter fishing laws could enable Saudi Arabia’s coral reefs to thrive.

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05 March, 2017

Two faculty from BESE Division at TED x KAUST

Professors Mark Tester and Manuel Aranda participated as speakers at the TED x KAUST event.

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06 November, 2016

Welcome Professor Sahika Inal

We are very excited to welcome Assistant Professor of Bioscience, Sahika Inal. We had a short interview where she answered questions about her research and the delights of discovering the unknown.

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20 April, 2015

Welcome Professor Antonio Adamo

We have recently welcomed a new Assistant Professor of Bioscience: Professor Antonio Adamo. We asked Professor Adamo a few questions about his research.

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