27 October, 2019

Argonaute proteins help fine-tune gene expression

A protein, with a name reminiscent of legendary Greek sailors, has an unexpected role inside the human nucleus.

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21 October, 2019

Waste plastic converted into filtration membranes

Discarded PET bottles could find a new life in the chemical industry.

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16 October, 2019

New research to boost global date fruit production

Today on World Food Day, a team of Plant Scientists from King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) has begun a major project to improve global date palm production and protection.

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14 October, 2019

Perfect conditions for precision nanostructures

Protein-folded DNA nanostructures offer a new building material for biotechnology.

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06 October, 2019

A symbiotic boost for greenhouse tomato plants

The colonization of tomato plants with a beneficial desert root fungus protects against effects of salt stress.

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02 October, 2019

Two BESE startup teams won the Taqadam 2019 prize

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25 September, 2019

Giant clams trap marine plastics

Microplastics in the water column are ingested by clams and become attached to their shells.

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18 September, 2019

Quantum destabilization of a water sandwich

When a thin layer of water is squeezed between two hydrophobic surfaces, the laws of classical physics break down.

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09 September, 2019

The movers and shakers of wastewater treatment

The dynamics behind microbial communities in granular-based wastewater treatment systems.

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05 September, 2019

Date palms picky about bacterial partners

Cultivated date palms have co-evolved with desert bacteria for so long that their roots attract the microbes that provide the best chance for a long and healthy life.

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03 September, 2019

Corals take control of nitrogen recycling

Corals use sugar from their symbiotic algal partners to control them by recycling nitrogen from their own ammonium waste.

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27 August, 2019

Fair compare of desalination puts heat on energy sources

Accounting for the quality of energy needed to run a desalination plant shows benefits of using waste heat.

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22 August, 2019

Finding ways to feed the world

Genome editing techniques have the power to transform crop yields and plant resilience to feed the growing global population.

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05 August, 2019

Seaweed sinks deep, taking carbon with it

Macroalgae is shown to be a major global contributor to carbon sequestration.

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29 July, 2019

KAUST Professor Awarded Catalonia’s Highest Honor in Ecology

A Professor of Marine Science at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has received the 2019 Ramon Margalef Prize in Ecology from the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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24 July, 2019

Quenching scientific curiosity with single-molecule imaging

New experimental insights allow researchers to probe protein-DNA interactions with greater precision.

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18 July, 2019

Spilling the story of oil in the Arabian Gulf

Sediment libraries show marine ecosystems are accumulating oil pollution faster than ever.

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16 July, 2019

Tending the future of data analysis with MVApp

New app aims to improve the statistical analysis of large datasets in plant science and beyond.

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10 July, 2019

Solar power with a free side of drinking water

An integrated system seamlessly harnesses sunlight to cogenerate electricity and fresh water.

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07 July, 2019

Using an embryonic pause to save the date

A date palm seedling can pause its development to boost its resilience before emerging into the harsh desert environment.

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