19 February, 2019

Causal disentanglement is the next frontier in AI

Recreating the human mind’s ability to infer patterns and relationships from complex events could lead to a universal model of artificial intelligence.

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10 February, 2019

Lactate triggers genes that modify brain activity

Study illustrates the links between brain energy metabolism and neuronal activity.

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06 February, 2019

Mining bacteria from the desert

Desert bacteria protect food crops from salt toxicity.

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21 January, 2019

New moves for polymer chain dynamics

A Nobel-winning method for observing single molecules in action provides the basis for unprecedented insights into polymer chain dynamics.

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07 January, 2019

Combining forces to combat E. coli PI-7

A combined treatment may help tackle the rise of E. coli PI-7 in Saudi Arabia’s wastewater systems.

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03 January, 2019

Visualization of brain structures helps to model function

State-of-the-art techniques and software help researchers recreate cellular brain structures and model biochemical processes that support the brain’s energy demands.

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31 December, 2018

Boosting immunity in the fight against bacteria

A key protein is shown to be responsible for activating and controlling plant immune responses to bacterial infection.

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20 December, 2018

Paper sensors remove the sting of diabetic testing

Inkjet-printed device helps monitor a patient’s blood sugar levels without painful needles.

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16 December, 2018

Understanding the growth of coral reefs

Determining the growth dynamics of Red Sea coral reefs has enabled researchers to establish a baseline to assess the effects of environmental change.

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09 December, 2018

Carbon emissions smoked

Helpful microbes inhale CO2 through a porous cylindrical electrode and exude useful chemicals.

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25 November, 2018

Drinking water sucked from the dusty desert air

An inexpensive hydrogel-based material efficiently captures moisture even from low-humidity air and then releases it on demand.

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19 November, 2018

Surface science concepts are up for revision

Immersion could become the ultimate test for assessing the wetting properties of coating-free microtextured surfaces.

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14 November, 2018

Plankton communities warm response to nutrient availability

Investigating plankton communities' reaction to rising water temperatures may improve modeling of marine ecosystem responses to global warming.

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04 October, 2018

Mining Red Sea bacteria for industrial potential

Genome sequencing of two Red Sea bacteria highlights their potential as industrial workhorses.

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26 September, 2018

KAUST researcher Corrado Calì awarded at Italian neuroscience conference

Dr. Corrado Calì, a KAUST researcher, won an award in Italy in June at the Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists (BraYn).

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26 September, 2018

Cryptic coral reef creatures show cross-shelf biodiversity patterns

Composition in cryptic fauna assemblages changes across a shelf gradient, a recent study of the Red Sea shows.

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23 September, 2018

What's it like to talk science with Nobel Prize winners

KAUST Live interview with Michael Margineanu, Ph.D. student in the BESE Division

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16 September, 2018

Novel carbon source sustains deep sea microorganism communities

A carbon source stemming from daily fish migrations is implicated in the global carbon cycle.

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13 September, 2018

Sci-Café: Toolbox Biology

Sci-Café, featuring KAUST faculty members Jürgen Kosel, Jasmeen Merzaban, Antonio Adamo and moderator John Tannaci, associate VP for research.

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09 September, 2018

Reusing water to grow quality food in cities

Research to optimize aquaponics systems could inform a new era of urban food production.

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